If you travel a lot, or live abroad, then watching your "home" TV is very important.
There are a number of technologies available, and being a self-confessed geek, I've tried most of them. Some with more sucess than others.


Currently I use a combination of 3 different technologies, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Each of these technologies requires a device to be placed in the country that you wish to watch TV from, for the proxy servers you can rent a commercial service. As they use the internet to transfer the picture data to your remote machine, having a good uplink is important (in the UK I use an O2 connection to an unbundled exchange which is rated at 1.3Mbps uplink)
DeviceInfoWhat is it?ProsCons
Slingmedia Slingbox http://www.slingbox.com/ Some have a built in tuner, other just have analogue in. It encodes the input and streams it over the internet. It has a wide range of virtual remote controls, and if you have a compatible device (maybe a PVR) then the virtual remote will send the commands to the sling box, which uses a set of IR LEDs to send then to a connected box.
I have a Slingbox Solo with a Sagem PVR62160T. (Used to have the Slingbox classic with DVB-T tuner)
Easy to set up
Good software support
Software adjusts picture quality depending on bandwidth available
Cheap (around £100)
Picture quality isn't great for live sports (often drops to 320x240 even with 800Kbps)
Needs a PVR connected if you're in a different time zone
Dream Media http://www.dream-multimedia-tv.de/en A range of Satellite/Cable and DVB tuners and PVRs with open source Linux software and an ethernet port
I have the dm600-t (See my set-up guide).
Good software software support
Great functionality
Best picture quality for non-live viewing
Need to be an expert to set-up
Only single tuner (unless you pay a lot more)
Expensive (£175 + HDD)
A proxy server http://britishexpats.com/forum/showthread.php?t=507202 Accessing the various TV company download services via a UK IP address
I use my Dreambox as a proxy server
BBC Easy to set up
Cheap (Buy a box for around £100 or pay £20 per year)
Live and Catch up service
Other channels hard to set up
Live streaming often struggles
Often a lag between program broadcast and availibility


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