What is it?

My Jukebox, All lit up My jukebox, a more recent picture
It was made by AMI, the oldest manufacturer of jukeboxes in the world, they were bought out by ROWE in the early 60's.
They continued making Vinyl and CD jukeboxes under the name of ROWE INTERNATIONAL, their main business now is making bill changers.
They used to change the models nearly every year, and this one is probably a "Jao-200" also known as a "Bandstand". Launched in 1966, they made around 4700 of them.
It had a long life in the "Limes" in Catisfield, Fareham, and has the dents and braille to prove it.
When the original mechanism wore out, it was deemed beyond economical repair (at the time) and retired.
Paul was the engineer that worked on it the most, and after retirement he had it at home for a while. But the boards were cracked/and warn through, and the bearings kept sticking. So even after many repairs, it would often break the record instead of playing it! So it was put into storage. I got it after it had been stored in a shed for 8 years under a plastic cover (Thanks Paul!).
I replaced the original mechanism with a computer controlled version, that from the outside looked the same. It became probably the first ever Hard Drive jukebox in 1997.

Mark 1

NICAM compression based full size jukebox - Completed around September 1997
Just over 400 audio tracks were downloaded by Digital Audio Extraction from various audio CDs, then compressed using a homewritten NICAM compressor, and dumped down onto the hard drives.
Features :- This was used in the "party room" at a house I shared for several years.

Planned Mark 2

I started generating Ir-codes to control a Sony CD-P200 CD-changer, to increase the capacity, but MP3/Flac with higher density/cheaper HDDs meant that I changed direction.

Mark 2

Mpeg 1 layer 3 compression based full size jukebox Completed in May 1999

Features :- This was originally completed in time for a friend's wedding, where it was a great success. It's since been used for several other weddings, and numerous parties.
It was lent to a pub for a few months while they got their CD one fixed.
But it's not very portable, so I went on to develop the Mark 3 - AKA Portable V1


My Jukebox, the track listings all lit up My Jukebox, closeup of the 7" single and the funky lights My Jukebox, 1/- is one shilling, and it got you three songs My Jukebox, All lit up My jukebox, a more recent picture

The various jukeboxes

AMI-RowePortable V1Portable V2Seeburg SC-1

The software

The software is open-source, see Here.


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