The timetable

Based on the Provisional 2012 Race Timetable:
Friday (14th) Saturday (15th) Sunday (16th)
WhenRace WhenRace WhenRace
09:00-17:35Official practice Sessions 10:00-10:20Race 2 - Goodwood Trophy 10:00-10:20Race 9 - Brooklands Trophy
10:40-11:05Race 3 - Fordwater Trophy 10:40-11:05Race 10 - Richmond and Gordon Trophies
12:25-12:50Race 4 - Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy (Part 1) 11:45-12:10Race 11 - Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy (Part 2)
13:50-14:15Race 5 - St Mary's Trophy (Part 1) 12:50-13:15Race 12 - St Mary's Trophy (Part 2)
14:55-15:40Race 6 - Shelby Cup 13:20-The Dan Gurney tribute
16:25-16:50Race 7 - Whitsun Trophy 14:00-15:00Race 14 - Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration
17:10-17:30Race 8 - Chichester Cup 16:00-16:25Race 15 - Glover Trophy
18:15-19:45Race 1 - Freddie March Memorial Trophy 16:45-17:10Race 16 - Sussex Trophy

Other information

Race 10 - Richmond and Gordon Trophies

For Inter-Continental Formula and Formula One cars, 1954-61


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